About the artist

I was born in Johannesburg, South Africa in 1959. I grew up in South Africa and then Europe (Holland and Switzerland) before coming back to South Africa to complete my schooling and going to Polytech to study Quantity Surveying.
I have worked in South Africa, Lesotho and New Zealand.

I returned to South Africa from New Zealand in 2002 and moved to Cape Town to live, where I caught up with an old friend – Donald Grieg – who had a studio and was sculpting wild life. He invited me to come to his studio once a fortnight to do an art evening and it all started from there.

Through our art evenings I was introduced to a bronze sculpting course where I learnt all about the ‘lost wax’ process. It is here that I became convinced that I wanted sculpting to be more than a past time.
I opened a studio in Cape Town shortly after this where I would spend my spare time developing my art.

I am now 100% involved in my art and I have a new studio at the foundry where I cast all my work. It is perfectly situated in the new art precinct down at the port in Cape Town opposite the new Mocca (Modern art museum).

My inspiration is in a continual process of flux and evolution which allows me the freedom to explore new ideas all the time. My focus has been people and trying to interpret them. I want people to see my work through their own eyes and interpret it the way it resonates with them.

My latest collection was produced under the theme of “Broken People” and has been shown in numerous galleries in South Africa as well as galleries in the UK and France. I have had 2 exhibitions in Cape Town and 1 in Geneva as well. My work has been bought by private collectors worldwide.

My new work is a work in progress. The theme for this collection is “Sensual Woman”. I love the grace the sensuality and the comfort of woman and I am hugely excited right now about the evolution of this collection.

“Sensual Woman” will be exhibited in Lisbon on November 24, 2018.
My vernissage will be in Johannesburg in early July 2018. I will also have an opening in Cape Town and 2 more private exhibitions are also Scheduled for earlier in 2018.
Welcome to my world I hope you enjoy my sculptures.